Does your website have a blog?

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I encourage all my clients to add a blog to their website. Apart from being a blogger myself, there is such value in adding this to your business website. You do not need to add new content daily but adding regular good quality content can help you to grow your business and build your online presence.


A blog can help build your SEO if you use your keywords effectively. We briefly discussed SEO and why it’s important. Good quality content is favoured by search engines and will help your ranking. Focus on writing relevant content that allows you to use keywords relevant to you and your business. 


Blog posts are great to use for your Social Media content planners. You can add them to your relevant accounts to create engagement and share information. It is also a nice opportunity to encourage people to share your content, which builds up your social media presence.


A blog post drives traffic to your website. Once you have them on your website, the ideal is for them to visit more pages, browse your services and products and ultimately become a new client. Add links in your blog post that lead readers to other blog posts or pages on your website.

Make sure that all links open up in a new tab and do not take your reader away from the post they are currently reading.


It also builds trust and confidence with your audience and clients. By sharing information that your audience find value in helps you to build trust with them. If your audience trusts you, they will feel confident to start doing business with you or continue their relationship.


Having a regularly updated blog allows your website to become a resource for your clients.If your clients trust you and have easy access to information you have shared. You will become their “go-to” resource.


Having a blog section on your website allows you to personalise your brand by telling your story. It is a great opportunity to allow your clients to have a look behind the scenes and find out more about how your business works.

Does your business have a blog? 


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