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Lady Boss | Speak SocialA few months ago we signed up to Netflix. I was pretty anti the whole thing at the time. We hadn’t had any TV other than downloads for years. I just didn’t see the need for this to be honest. I am so glad I relented though, I am slightly obsessed and am busy working my way through every series they have. I have found some really great UK and Australian shows with some amazing characters.


Just for fun I thought I would put together some of my favourite lady bosses from TV shows.


Lesley Knope from Parks and Recreation. You can’t not love Lesley! She is so completely crazy but so dedicated to her dream and her plan that she just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Lady Boss | Speak Social


Jessica from Suits. I am not sure if I admire Jessica for her ruthlessness or for her amazing wardrobe. What I love about Jessica though is her sense of loyalty to Harvey. He messes up but she stands by him, possibly out of misguided loyalty but loyalty non the less. Lady Boss | Speak Social


Sophia Amoruso from Girl Boss. If you haven’t watched this you must. It is a pretty inspiring story about how Sophia built something from literally nothing purely because she refused to give up even when she wanted to. 

Lady Boss | Speak Social


Olivia Pope from Scandal. I have the biggest girl crush on this character. The way she dresses, the way she carries herself, the way she just does not take shit from anyone. She takes on everyone and anyone. She knows what she wants and she goes for it, without question or apology. Lady Boss | Speak Social


Last but not least Claire from Modern Family. Claire is so ditzy and all over the place but I love how she re-enters the work place and totally owns it (most days). She raises her kids and then starts doing something for her. Lady Boss | Speak Social


Who is your favourite lady boss?


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2 thoughts on “Lady Bosses from TV shows”

  1. Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries: She is the coolest feminist from 1922 who has her own very successful detective agency! She do no want commitment, but she does have some of the most handsome men in her life. She drives cars and wears flashy clothes. She looks after the people she hires in her business, and has a great charitable streak! I have watched all of it!

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