Why Mom Bosses Are So Successful

Mom Boss Successful|HarassedMomSince becoming a mother, it has always baffled me why businesses were, and still are in many cases, adverse to having mothers on their workforce. If you are a mother who has had a 9-5 you will know what I am talking about.


The reason it has baffled me is because mothers are probably the most productive people in the world. It is no wonder that we are seeing such a rise in mom bosses who are starting their own empires, building businesses on their terms and making them a success because mothers invited the hustle!


What makes moms successful?


They get things done. Mom’s very often have no other choice but to get shit done. Dinner needs to be cooked, reports must be written, running shoes need to be bought – it HAS to happen, and they know they must make it happen, so they get it done. The same applies to business, when things need to be done they do them, they don’t need a week long strat session or a process or approval, they just do it and they do it well.


They prioritise. I often tell my kids our life is like an ER waiting room after an earthquake. I triage what needs to be done now and what can wait.

Mom Boss Successful|HarassedMom


They multi-task. While mom bosses prioritise they also know how to multi-task successfully. While you are talking to your mom boss on the phone I guarantee you she is replying to emails, cooking dinner or changing a nappy, you will never know which one because she is that skilled at it. Running a solo business means sometimes you need to do more than one thing at a time, moms are skilled in this.


They can time manage. Have you ever watched a mom boss work during nap time or while the kids are at school or with granny? She will get more work done in that time that entire work forces get done in a day. Mom bosses know the value of the time and they know how to squeeze out every little bit they can from that time.


They don’t take themselves too seriously. Children teach you how to laugh at yourself. It is not intentional but when you pull out a naked Barbie doll at a meeting instead of a pen, you can either cry or laugh. Mothers learn to not sweat the small stuff, to shake off the failure or the mistake and move forward.


Mom bosses are probably the world’s best kept secret, but not for long. Woman are realizing that being a mother is no longer seen as something that holds you back in your career but instead is something that fuels you to build it. They are also realizing that they can do it on their own terms, in their own homes while they actively parent. Women are really learning how they can have it all and it is a beautiful thing to watch.


Are you a mom boss?


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