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Blog Post Content Ideas|SpeakSocialOne of the challenges when it comes to blogging is figuring out what to write about. It is one of the main reasons people avoid blogging or get writers block, they just don’t know what to write about. I have a few tips and ideas of how I find content to write about.


Create a series of posts instead of one long post. If you have a post idea, see if it is possible to make it into a series. For example you want to write a post about organising a home office, you could split it up into stationery you need for your home office, motivational posters for your home office, ideas for a home office if you have limited space. 


Use the FAQ’s from your clients as ideas for blog posts. If you have a FAQ section on your blog, link back to the full blog post where you expand on the issue. This is a great place to look for content because if your clients are asking these questions then chances are other people are also asking about them. Focus on the relevant key words in these posts so that when people search they find you.


Following on for the above point, ask your clients/audience what they are struggling with or what they would like to hear more about. If you send out a newsletter add a little survey or end the newsletter with a question. Ask on your social media pages as well, this is a great way to get some engagement as well. 


Use the comment section of your blog posts to look for ideas. Often a comment someone leaves could lead to a new blog post idea. 


Your Google Analytics can also provide blog post ideas. Check your stats to see what posts are doing well and what people are searching to find your site. Do you have a post that answers their question? Or meets their search requirement? (If you haven’t set up Google Analytics yet, do it today.)

Blog Post Content Ideas|SpeakSocial


What are some of the ways you find new content for your blog posts?


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